NexGen X4 Panel

NexGen X4 Panel

NexGen Framing System LLC. is the creator of the X4 and X4+ wall system.

The NexGen X4 and X4+ Wall System is a 4-in-1 exterior trade-friendly wall solution that is revolutionizing the construction industry as a lighter, stronger more durable and energy efficient alternative to traditional block and wood structures.

Proven Patented Technology (Patent: # 9,624,666)

The NexGen Framing System is a proven green building technology with over eighteen years of use and consists of three principal components: X4 and X4+ Wall and Roof System made from cold rolled light gauge steel; cold rolled steel trusses for roof and floor trusses and cold rolled steel wall panels for all non­insulated interior walls. Designed and engineered together as a single building system creates an extremely energy efficient, lightweight, durable and strong structure built to last generations. Our Solution is trade friendly, fast and easy to erect on-site with minimal training and labor.


The NexGen Framing System can be used to build almost any type or style of structure. Engineered for specific wind and seismic design criteria, combined with an adjustable thickness and r-value, the system is perfect for any climatic region in the world. Past and current projects have spanned from Alaska to the Caribbean Islands and include residential, commercial, emergency and institutional.

Environmental and Financial Sustainability is who we are!

NexGen’s patented X4 and X4+ Wall & Framing Technology offer both environmental and financial sustainability for the Developer, Builder and Owner with many advantages over traditional building methods!

Below are the principles that make our NexGen X4 and X4+ Wall System environmentally and financially sustainable:

Maximum Hurricane Wind Safety

Engineered and tested to Miami-Dade County Hurricane Laboratory test requirements for impact, wind load and moisture, our solution meets the most stringent building codes, including the IBC and Florida codes. The X4 & X4+ Wall Solution is based on our 3.5 & 5.5 inch light gauge steel stud wall profiles and has successfully passed Design Pressure loads from 45PSF to 100PSF. See the table below for more details.

Fire Safety

Steel is a Class 1 fire rated material that is 100% non-combustible and will not feed a fire. All other components including our fiberglass mesh and insulative foams are also Class 1 fire rated, making the entire wall assembly and structure fire rated.

Light Weight

NexGen’s light gauge steel technology offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry compared to other building technologies. Our lightweight wall and truss assemblies make it easier and faster to assemble, transport, manipulate and install without large crews and typically without heavy equipment.

Streamlined Operations and Cycle Times

All NexGen structure components including walls and trusses are manufactured and preassembled in our facilities in Palm Bay, Florida for just-in-time delivery and installation. At the job site panelized walls are rapidly erected as tilt-wall and can save from 60% to 80% in job-site labor. This reduction in labor and waste translates to a significant reduction in construction cycle times and cost.

Zero to Low Waste Processes

A zero-waste fabrication process combined with low and no hand-framing on the jobsite results in less than 2% waste vs 20%+ compared to typical building methods.

Maximum Energy Efficiency for All Climatic Regions

Multiple stud profiles combined with various types and thicknesses of foam insulation is the basis for building the X4/X4+ Wall System for suitability in any climatic region. One of the key challenges in building an energy efficient structure with light gauge steel and other materials is the problem of thermal bridging. NexGen has solved this problem in the way that we attach the exterior sheathing without mechanical fasteners during the production process.Click here to see …

Low Cost, Sustainable Materials

Every year millions of tons of steel is produced which contains recycled scrap from automobiles, appliances and construction and industrial waste. The recycled content of our KSI 50 Steel combined with the recyclability makes steel the most low-cost environmentally sustainable building material available. To learn more about the sustainable characteristics of steel click here.

Trade & Inspection Friendly

Unlike standard SIP Panels, the X4/X4+ Wall Solution is open on the inside with electric/plumbing service holes pre-punched in order to facilitate work performed by the MEP trades. The open framing also facilitates easy access to the bottom and top tracks for ease of anchoring to the foundation and roof truss clips, while also allowing full access and visibility for all inspections.

Maximum Seismic Safety

Unlike concrete and masonry, steel framing has positive consistent load path and thus absorbs energy and bends without breaking. Steel is lighter and stronger than heavier structures, thus providing less inertia. Steel offers durability and long-term consistent performance and is not susceptible to reduced structural capacity caused by dry-rot, termites, or mold.

Builder Savings

Significant reductions in labor, materials, waste, builder insurance costs, suppliers, build-out times, call-backs and back office costs add up to tremendous savings.

Performance Tests Passed

Our X4/X4+ Wall Solution has undergone and passed the Miami-Dade County Hurricane Performance Tests, including the following testing protocols:

TAS 201-94 – Impact Testing
TAS 202-94 – Static Air Pressure (Air and Water Penetration) & Overload Testing
TAS 203-94 – Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading

All Performance Reports are available for download in our Resources>Downloads area.

Long-term Consistent Performance

We use the highest grade G90 galvanized steel made in the USA. Steel lasts hundreds of years and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio with no weak spots, dry-rot, termites, moisture or mold to compromise the structure. Steel has a positive consistent load path and is dimensionally stable and will not warp, split or creep.

Owner Savings

Lower construction costs, energy bills, insurance costs, maintenance, and solar systems sizes all play an important role in reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). Typical annual energy bill savings averages 60% to 80%!

Enhanced Design Capabilities

The strength of steel is the same in all loading directions, functioning as a versatile canvas for taller and wider buildings that use land more efficiently.

With NexGen less labor, materials and waste translates to more productivity, speed, quality and savings!

Less is more with NexGen Technology!

“NexGen Framing System is a proven building system with many advantages over standard construction methods for the home owner, builder, and developer.”

Miami-Dade Performance Tested

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